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Do you fear the Dark?

I’m reblogging a blog. A blog blogged about me and other, very talented folk. That’s what’s this blogger has blogged her blog about.
I just the word blog.

melbourne press

Do You Fear The Dark begins with the poignant short play Perhaps, in which a despairing mother envisages increasingly unnerving and outlandish scenarios for her runaway daughters.

Following a vibrant musical number that links the two plays, we are thrust into the dark heart of fantasy with the chilling and modern ‘fairy tale’ Tom Tat

Award winning Dramatic Pause was initiated by writer Hayley Lawson-Smith and her husband David Lawson-Smith, a director. Together, they have entered various one act play festivals and Short & Sweet competitions. ‘Do You Fear the Dark?’ is their new and exciting venture comprising of two plays, ‘Perhaps’ and ‘Tom Tat’, both of which incorporate music and movement.

‘Perhaps’ was created at Sherbrooke Theatre Company’s Play in a Day event. Written in one night, this fantasy received excellent audience, response after only a day’s rehearsal.

‘Tom Tat’, the story of a modern-day Rumpelstiltskin and Pandora was first…

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Wishful Wednesday [54]

So weird/odd/fantastic/flattering to stalk yourself on Google and find someone so far away talking about your book … in another language. I’m having a random/happy day. Thanks Books to Share!

wishful wednesdayHelow! Selamat hari Rabu 🙂 Semoga Rabumu menyenangkan, khususnya dalam hal berandai-andai… Gara-gara belakangan suka ngikutin grup “Around The World in 52 Books” di Goodreads, jadi menambah beberapa wishlist (alasan!). Salah satunya,  The Julius Romeros Extravaganza, Part 1, The Bearded Girl (Hayley Lawson Smith). Ih.. judulnya panjang banget ya!

Abigail has been born into a wealthy, upper-class family. Good breeding is essential to her upbringing. But Abigail has been born with a beard and the prudish housekeeper, Mrs Hiffeltrimp, along with her stuffy butler husband, aim to veil this whiskery problem from the rest of the world. While Abigail’s mother hides herself in an expensive health spa and the master of the house is away at war, Mrs Hiffeltrimp will go to any lengths to be rid of the offending whiskers. Even if it means being rid of the little girl from whose chin they sprout.

Ahhh…interesting banget kaaan……

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